Mark D. Reschke


My present work has evolved over many years as a need for creative release and a natural love for the woods.  Years ago I became aware of the real beauty of wood, mainly `found’ woods.  I began to collect off pieces of cast-off local woods such as burls and stumps of Maple, Elm, Box Elder, Birch, Walnut and Butternut.  I let the natural shape of the wood and grain or figure dictate the finished piece, always allowing the beauty and color of the wood to show as much as possible.


My favorite wood is Birch Burl that we are able to harvest from family property in Northern Minnesota. 


My second favorite wood is Spalted Maple.  Spalted wood is a result of wood that is left in contact with the forest floor where it is attacked by water and fungi.  This occurs mainly in light colored woods, in a matter months with a species of birch, to 2-5 years in Sugar Maple.  When caught at the right time the result is a beautiful pattern painted by nature.


My early experience of building and repairing string instruments helped to sharpen the skills of working with my hands.  Through that and the finely detailed restoration work I do on English and American antiques I have advanced to my true art, which is turning wood.


Many years ago, my father and I built the lathe on which I turn these woods.  By converting my garage into a studio, I have created both a sanctuary for myself and a shop that fits my needs as a wood turner.  I am proud of my work, and take pride in creating and finishing each piece.